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AVX XL Tower

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  • $3,295
  • Regular price $3,995

  • Modular forward folding universal tower
  • Patented cam latch & handle system
  • Simplified low-profile mounting system
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

  • Telescoping centre section fits beam widths from 83.5" to 104.5"
  • 1.9" tower and 2 3/8" centre section tubing
  • Brushed anodized or matte black automotive paint finish

  • Pull strings for easy wiring of lights and speakers
  • Mounting options for 2 swivel board racks and 2 pairs of custom speakers
  • AVX Sun Top bimini option
The AVX Tower is another industry first for Roswell offering OEM features on a universal tower at an affordable price. Roswell's patented cam latch and handle system helps make folding the AVX quick and easy, and Roswell's new simplified low-profile universal mounting system can be top or side mounted allowing the AVX to accommodate beam widths ranging from 83.5" to 104.5". For you convenience the AVX also includes pull strings for ease of wiring when adding lights and speakers at any time. 

Compatible with all Roswell accessories the AVX Tower comes standard with sturdy weld-on inserts for your favourite swivel racks and speakers, and is available with a brushed anodized finished or matte black automotive painted finish upgrade. The AVX Tower is your universal tower of choice for entry-level OEM tower innovation and performance.